Unusual case – record fine: Porsche fan has to pay 10,000 euros

An unusual case was heard at the Klagenfurt Regional Court: The accused is a Porsche fan (55) who did not want to “spoil” his beloved sports car with a number plate. Because he stuck on a label instead, it becomes expensive for the car dealer – he has to pay a fine of 10,000 euros!

“For aesthetic reasons you have not installed a license plate?” Asks Judge Christian Liebhauser. The defendant, a car dealer, sighs. Yes, he nods. “Germans often only have very small number plates on sports cars – or none at all. It looks a lot better, ”he says. And because he didn’t want to drill a number plate on his beloved 911, he thought it would be better to use a self-made sticker than none at all. Thought wrong.

Out of court solution
Because that is the forgery of specially protected documents. And that can be expensive, as the 55-year-old had to find out: Mr Rat offers the man a diversion, an out-of-court solution without a criminal record – with a fine of 10,000 euros!

10,000 euros flat rate
“Can’t it get cheaper?” And because the daily rate for the entrepreneur is 60 euros, and the minimum penalty for a crime that is up to two years in prison is 180 days, a lump sum of 10,000 euros comes together.

“Bitter”, complains the Porsche fan, who has meanwhile come to terms with a license plate holder on the rear of the car.

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