UNUSUAL on Fallout: when LCI uses an image of Mini Nuke to illustrate a Russian nuclear weapon

Unfortunately, the war between Russia and Ukraine has continued to rage for many months and is at the heart of the news on the news channels all the time. Start of the week, the show 24h Pujadas of LCI discussed the possible existence of “small tactical nukes”, with an illustrative image well known to video game fans.

Eh yes, to illustrate these “Mini-nukes”, LCI opted for an already existing weapon, in a video game franchise, fallout. As noticed by Fallout Generationthe news channel found an image of the Mini-Nuke games of Bethesdacapable of wreaking havoc on a small area using a handheld launcher, the fat man. An obviously fictitious weapon that delights players and fans alike, it was physically present in the Fallout Anthology and many reproductions are available on online stores like AliExpress.

LCI thus found a reproduction image on Etsy and even a visual directly taken from Fallout 4 to continue his report. This is a bit of a stain in a program entitled “Russian nuclear: the true from the false”, especially since, as specified Releasea similar weapon actually existed, the W54 American, tested many times, but never used in combat. CheckNews of Release contacted LCIwho explained that “the visual used on the air is an evocation” and admits that sourcing the origin of the images to avoid any misunderstanding might have been better.

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