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Love, lust, reconciliation – all common motives for sleeping together. Sometimes, however, people end up in bed for very unusual reasons, as a study shows.

We have known for a long time that sex is not only the solution if a couple wants to fulfill their wish to have children. Sex creates intimacy, strengthens bonds, strengthens self-confidence, resolves conflicts and … well … satisfies very important needs. In other words, even if you ignore lust, there are numerous good reasons for sex.

Around 2,000 people interviewed

This is also confirmed by a survey of around 2,000 people, conducted by Cindy Meston and David Buss from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin: This study alone provided more than 200 different motives from which the interviewees actually once had sexual intercourse. Unsurprisingly, answers were given most frequently, which we could certainly all agree with or which we have at least heard:

  • "I was drawn to the person"
  • "I wanted to feel physical satisfaction"
  • "It feels good"
  • "I wanted to show my affection to the person"
  • "I wanted to show my love to the person"

So far, so understandable. However, if we look at the less frequently mentioned answers, the question arises here and there: Oh wow, did it work ???

For example, the tenth most common among both male and female respondents was:

  • "I wanted to feel closer to God."

Live your faith with sex – why not?

Another not often, but from some selected reason for sex, was to use it as a breakdown strategy:

  • "I wanted to end my relationship."

was only one place behind the answer for women (so it was only mentioned a little less often than)

  • "I wanted to end someone else's relationship."

Is that better than ghosting? At least not that common! Incidentally, the men surveyed had much less of an intention to end their own relationship with sex. When it came to blowing up a foreign partnership, male and female test persons were about the same.

You can make sex get better and better in your relationship over the years.


Other exciting reasons that people have already put to bed with someone else according to this survey:

  • "Because of a bet"
  • "To improve my image"
  • "I wanted to be used"
  • "Because I wanted to have more sex than my friends"
  • "To become famous"
  • "Relief from menstrual pain"
  • "I wanted to relieve my headache"
  • "To change the topic of conversation"
  • "Because I wanted to avoid something else"
  • "I wanted to hurt the person"

If there are no adventurous stories behind …!

Interesting by the way: The classic cliché motifs such as "I wanted a promotion, a job or a raise" were chosen less often by the women surveyed than, for example, "I wanted to feel closer to God". In fact, sex as a career boost does not seem to be the kind of thing that some nasty gossip or various daily soaps would suggest.

Further answers and information about the study can be found under the following link to the paper of the study.