unvaccinated, she dies after giving birth


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On August 15, a young mother of 2 children died after contacting Covid-19, just days after the birth of her daughter.

Paige Ruiz was 9 months pregnant when she tested positive for Covid-19. Just days after giving birth to her second daughter. Her baby, Céleste, was born by emergency Cesarean, the mother died in a Texas hospital from complications from the virus.

This Tuesday, interviewed by CNN, Robin Zinsou, Paige’s mother spoke:
“It was my worst fear”, she said
“Paige was never able to hold her newborn baby. As soon as Celeste was born they took her away and when my daughter came (after the operation) they said they had to stay separated because of the Covid “ she sadly added.

But her daughter refused to be vaccinated because she was worried about her baby.
“She believed that there was not enough information or data to say that she could be vaccinated with confidence without harming the baby,” said the grandmother.

Robin also added that after giving birth, when her health started to deteriorate, Paige texted her telling her that she now wanted to get the vaccine.
“I only found out after her death that she sent the same message to her sister and her friends. She wanted people to get vaccinated.”, Robin concluded.

In the United States, two studies have shown that vaccinated pregnant women are not more affected by complications related to pregnancy. In general, the latter may encounter certain side effects “similar to those encountered by women who are not pregnant”, such as for example: headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, etc.

However, in order not to transmit the disease to the child at birth, it is recommended that pregnant women be vaccinated from the second trimester of pregnancy.

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