Unvaccinated, this mother loses custody of her son


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In the United States, a divorced mother has lost custody of her son because she is not vaccinated. She decided to appeal.

In the United States, refusing vaccination can have serious consequences in many areas and Rebecca Firlit can attest to this. At 39, this divorced mother does not want to be vaccinated for the moment, a choice that could have devastating repercussions on her personal life.
Indeed, as reported The Guardian, Rebecca may no longer see her son, whom she has alternate custody with her husband. An Illinois judge denied her all visitation rights until she was vaccinated.
The decision was made in a virtual child support hearing.

“I was a little puzzled when the judge called me because the virtual hearing was only supposed to be on the topic of child support. One of the first things he asked me was, ‘Am I vaccinated?’ I was a little confused because it had nothing to do with the audience ”, explained the mother of the family.

Rebecca also stated that if she is not vaccinated it is because she has had “Adverse reactions to vaccines in the past” and that his doctor had advised him not to be vaccinated.

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A judicial appeal has been filed

Following the judge’s decision, Rebecca’s lawyer immediately filed a legal appeal with the State Court of Appeal demonstrating that the father of the little boy had in no way put this element on the table. .
“The court clearly exceeded its power by suspending the time granted to the mother when the issue was supposed to be child support”, said the lawyer in charge of the case.

For her part, the mother has not yet specified whether or not she would be vaccinated or not, but assures that it is not a political decision.
This kind of decision divides families, and it is not in my son’s best interests to be separated from his mother. “, she says.

The judge declined to comment at this time, while her husband’s lawyer said he respected the decision.

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