up to 150 euros offered and 10% reduction at Booking

At the moment, Fortuneo is partnering with Booking.com and is offering its new customers a bonus of up to 150 euros, combined with immediate reductions valid on the accommodation platform. Attention, the special operation at the online bank ends this Monday, June 5, 2023.

The summer period is fast approaching and is often synonymous with expenses. If it is possible to make savings on bank charges abroad, in particular by changing banks, it is also possible to benefit from reductions on your stay by opening a bank account with Fortuneo.

Indeed, thanks to a partnership currently in place with the accommodation reservation platform Booking.com, the online bank is offering a very special offer to its new customers. From May 22 to June 5 exclusively, for any first opening of a bank account (individual or joint), with a bank card associated with the account, Fortuneo offers you:

  • 70 euros offered by Fortuneo and 8% immediate discount on Booking.com if you choose a Fosfo Mastercard bank card;
  • 150 euros offered by Fortuneo and between 8% and 10% immediate reduction on Booking.com for opening an account with a Gold CB Mastercard bank card.

To benefit from this exceptional offer, you must complete at least 5 payments using the subscribed card, within a maximum of 90 days after the effective subscription date and enter the code FTNMAI23 when joining Fortuneo. The offer is reserved solely for adult natural persons who do not hold and have never held on the date of application for subscription to an online banking product or service.


0 fees abroad on payments and withdrawals

While this unique offer can save you up to several hundred euros on your stay, they are not the only ones you will make. By choosing Fortuneo, you don’t have no foreign bank charges. Whatever the formula, online banking is indeed one of the only ones to guarantee free payments and withdrawals in foreign currencies, unlimited. In addition, all day-to-day operations (account maintenance, transfers, direct debits, check deposits, ATM withdrawals, etc.) are also free.

And if you opt for a Gold CB Mastercard card with your Fortuneo bank account, you will then benefit from Reinforced insurance and assistance guarantees for your trips abroad.

As a reminder, Fortuneo markets 3 account offers (individual or joint) associated with a free bank card. Fosfo is the only card accessible without income conditions. To obtain a Gold or World Elite Mastercard card, the holder must, however, provide proof of 1,800 euros and 4,000 euros of net monthly income respectively. Depending on the card, the free is conditional either on making one payment per card per month, or on payments into the account.

The Fortuneo current account offer

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