Up to 20 different shot gauges for NBA 2K23 gameplay

Whether it slides sideways, overhead, underfoot, in an arc, or straight like an I, the indicator is therefore supposed to make it easier for the player, with a slight nuance compared to the previous season: feedback of a perfect shot (in green) will be delayed by a few seconds, to let an ounce of suspense hover, and prevent the attacker from returning immediately to defense knowing the outcome of the shot.

From a purely accounting point of view, the developers say they have doubled the number of shooting animations to contribute to the realism of their simulation, while taking into account the characteristics for the various shots in suspension – such as the speed of the shot, the height of the relaxation, their effectiveness when they are contested, in addition to the fundamental question of the timing. On the question, this version is less binary than the previous one, which tended to favor wide open shots regardless of the quality of the shooter. In NBA 2K23, each jump shot has unique shot stats that help determine its effectiveness.

Like almost every season, the developers are talking about a reworked defensive aspect, to reduce the effect of players sliding on the field, but also to limit the counterattacks that were far too frequent last year. It’s a priori over, or almost, the leaders who were going to counter a monstrous dunk with two hands from behind. A new on-screen indicator will better take into account the lateral movements of your opponent in 1v1, in order to make it easier to read the game when eliminating him to attack the circle.

Slashers in the spotlight?

This is why the game relies a little more on the show time than last year, with the symbol of the possibility of remaining attached to the circle on the big dunks (just hold down the sprint button on arrival), and even to dare to do pull-ups on the circle – but beware of the technical fault. It would also seem that the power of the colossi of the league is more taken into account when rushing like a TGV towards the basket, and the Giannis or the LeBron will continue to impose their law with their extraordinary physique. Moreover, it will again be possible to send a partner in the direction of the basket on the new generation consoles, always by holding the Triangle / Y key. For a more subtle approach, new lay-up animations have been added, and some stars, like Devin Booker in a jacket, Joel Embiid freshly naturalized or even Ja Morant and Nikola Jokic were entitled to preferential treatment.

In order to prevent ill-intentioned players from spoiling the match by multiplying the dribbles in the middle of the field to run out the clock, Visual Concepts has also set up an adrenaline gauge. Each player has three pushes below the endurance bar: the more movements they multiply, the more the adrenaline runs out, and the more the defense is likely to take over, just to motivate the soloists to play more collectively. In other words: once the three boosts have been consumed, speed and acceleration ability decrease significantly for the remaining time of possession.

All of this will logically be accompanied by improvements on the Artificial Intelligence side, such as better management of pick and rolls, a better ability to adapt to the opposing player’s routines, with increasingly firm defensive support as the game progresses, and individualized behavior for the stars; so many promises that we expect to be able to check controller in hand, knowing that it is possible to deactivate these automatic adjustments for those who wish.

As for the MyPlayer mode, which allows you to shape your virtual double (in addition to dexterity), Visual Concepts says it wants to refresh the principle of badges to shake up the meta a bit, and prevent everyone from piling up the best badges to benefit from the best boosts. in game. This requires a different distribution of badges by level – 8 in the first, 4 for levels 2 and 3 – with an ever higher cost in the highest strata. You will therefore first have to settle for less effective level 1 badges before progressing. As for the mechanics of Takeover team, each player will have to work at his position so that the team can benefit from it, since the 5 shares a single gauge.

Finally, for neophytes who would be choked by so many subtleties, Visual Concepts ensures that the Rookie difficulty will be more permissive than it has ever been, to allow beginners to integrate the innumerable manipulations, without even mentioning the numerous intricacies of the sport itself. For those who still want more information related to the sometimes meticulous adjustments, we refer you to the full article posted on the official site, with many bonus clips.

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