up to 500 euros offered!

Until December 18, 2023, Placement-direct.fr has a pre-Christmas surprise in store for MoneyVox readers. For any first subscription to your ISR Direct Placement Retirement contract, with a minimum payment of 5,000 euros, receive up to 500 euros in bonus.

It’s Christmas before time. From November 15 to December 18, 2023, Placement-direct.fr is distributing gifts to its new customers. For any first membership to its new Retirement Savings Plan (PER), ISR Retirement Direct Placement, the online broker pays its new members 1% of the amount invested the opening. To benefit from it, simply make a first payment of a minimum amount of 5000 euros and enter the promotional code IMPACT500 when subscribing online.

Concretely, the amount offered by Placement-direct.fr depends on the amount paid for membership, and is limited to 500 euros. Receive:

  • 50 euros for an initial payment of 5000 euros;
  • 100 euros from 10,000 euros invested;
  • Or 500 euros from 50,000 euros initial payment.

SUBSCRIBE TO A SRI Direct Investment Retirement PER

PER: the 2023 comparison of the best offers

The advantages of the contract

Prepare for retirement as best as possible, with reduced costs, while investing in responsible companies: this is the promise made by Placement-direct.fr with its new PER Retraite ISR. Freshly arrived on the individual PER market, the latter offers 101 supports in units of account (UC) labeled ISR (Socially Responsible Investment). In particular, it is possible to support companies in the renewable energy, health or technological innovation sectors. In addition to unit of account support, a euro fund is also offered. It allows the member to place his money in the general assets of the UMR, having reported 2.70% in 2022.

When joining, the saver must simply pay a contribution to the ADERM association, in the amount of 20 euros. The PER is accessible from 500 euros of initial payment, but it is also possible to lower this ticket by between 50 euros by setting up scheduled payments. The contract is then funded either by free payments (minimum 50 euros) or recurring payments (from 50 euros per month). Regarding fees, the broker does not charge for payments, arbitrations, annuity arrears or transfers. Concerning the annual management fees, it is necessary to count 0.60% for the euro fund and 0.50% for the unit of account supports. Finally, the member can choose between three management methods: free management, pilot management and profile management for the retirement horizon.

ISR Retirement direct investment: the PER in detail

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