up to 80 euros offered and 1 year free with Esprit Libre

Until July 11, 2022, BNP Paribas is launching a promotional campaign, allowing new customers to benefit from a welcome 80 euros for opening an online bank account, plus the first year of membership free.

BNP Paribas markets most financial products, such as bank accounts, available by card, but also via a group service offer, Free spirit. In addition to essential day-to-day services, the Esprit Libre package allows you to add additional features.

80euros welcome and one year free

Until July 11, 2022, BNP Paribas offers two advantages to its new customers: a welcome bonus of 80 euros, and one year free credit card and associated services. This bonus is accessible as part of a first subscription to the Essential group services of the Esprit Libre offer, carried out online, with a Visa Origin, Classic or Premier card. Excluding promotion, the Essentials of the Free Spirit pack are invoiced from 77.52 euros per year for a Visa Origin card, 83.64 euros for a Visa Classic card, and finally 179.88 euros for a Visa Premier for one year of contribution.

Open a BNP Paribas bank account

The request to open the account must be validated no later than August 11, 2022. The premium is then credited to the bank account three months after receipt of the means of payment. The opening of the account must be carried out entirely on theBNP Paribas online agency. To benefit from this offer, you must complete the online opening form, enter your details and make a first payment.

What are the BNP Paribas and Esprit Libre services?

The Esprit Libre pack is an offer made up of services called Essentials, and Optional call services. The base stand includes a bank account and a Visa card. It is possible to choose between several bank cards (Visa Origin Classic, Premier and Infinite), varying the amount of the monthly fee (between 6.46 euros for a classic card and 31.17 euros for a high-end card). The cardholder benefits from the classic actions offered by BNP, in particular free day-to-day banking transactions carried out online: setting up and executing transfers (permanent and occasional), stop payments on checks and checkbooks in particular. In addition, cash withdrawals in foreign currencies made abroad are free of charge, if made at an ATM of a partner bank.

The Esprit Libre package also gives access to mobile payment, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and to the SMS alert system. Account management can be done entirely online, but in case of special need, a designated bank adviser can be reached by phone or email. Means of payment insurance is also included. Note that a specific Esprit Libre offer exists for 18-24 year olds, at a reduced price.

up 150 € premium openness thanks to our comparison of online banks

It is possible to subscribe to additional services, Optional, for personalize your Esprit Libre offerincluding including more protective account insurance, and a death guarantee.

The bank account at BNP Paribas

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