Up to 90 percent discount: fashion retailers have to sell a lot of goods

Up to 90 percent discount
The fashion trade has to sell a lot of goods

The pandemic threatens many retailers. The fashion trade expects up to 500 million unsold items. What is a drama for the industry, customers could be happy: For the reopening of the shops, real discount battles should begin.

In the German fashion trade, consumers can expect strong price discounts after the corona-related closure of shops. "For many goods there will be 80 to 90 percent discount so that the pent-up goods can still be sold," said the chief executive of the Federal Association of Textile Retailers (BTE), Rolf Pangels, the "Rheinische Post".

The sale of the spring goods will probably also be associated with high discounts. "That burdens us all year round," said Pangels, referring to the restrictions and shop closings in the wake of the corona pandemic.

If the lockdown is extended further, even more deals are at the end. "Should it be extended, we will pack unsold goods in large trucks and dump the contents in front of the Chancellery," announced Pangels. "Not only the dairy farmers can protest."

Industry experts had already pointed out that after the reopening of the shops, real "discount battles" could be expected. According to earlier estimates by the BTE, half a billion unsold fashion items were piling up in stores by the end of January. Most of these are winter goods, which are losing value day by day in view of the upcoming spring.

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