Upcycling ideas for New Year’s Eve: 5 great craft ideas

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Upcycling ideas for New Year’s Eve

Upcycling ideas for New Year's Eve: woman with colorful confetti and disco ball

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New Year’s Eve and with it a nice party are just around the corner. A bit of decoration and festive decorations should not be missing! Here we show you that really cool party decorations can be made from upcycling materials for New Year’s Eve.

Whether we’re celebrating New Year’s Eve on a large scale or sitting comfortably together with a loved one – a little festive decoration always creates the right atmosphere. You don’t even have to spend any money for this, because we often already have the best materials at home, which can be upgraded with a little time. Here are 5 great upcycling ideas for New Year’s Eve.

Golden Lucky Pigs

We can always use luck, and when luck comes along in the form of these lucky pigs on New Year’s Eve, the surprise is twice as big! For this DIY, it is best to use hot glue to glue four small balls to the walnut shell as legs. For example, small shell noodles can be used as ears and glued on. Spray the walnut with gold spray; go outside or use a well-ventilated area and make sure you have a protective surface. Furthermore, small wobbly eyes and a pig’s nose made of pink construction paper are glued on. If you like, you can write or print out New Year’s wishes on small pieces of paper and fold them tightly and slide them between the slightly opened nut halves.

Bottle Cap Missiles

Was one or two bottles of wine emptied at Christmas? Great, you should now have a good supply of crafting bottle caps! These little rockets will definitely be a hit with your guests: cut out the side wings of the rocket from black construction paper and push a cone out of a semicircle of construction paper. Glue both to the bottle cap. Draw on the cheeks with a red felt-tip pen and the eyes with a black felt-tip pen and white acrylic paint. Finally, you can stick stars and lucky pennies on the rockets.

party banger

Who would have thought that air cushions made from packaging could still become a fun New Year’s Eve decoration for children! Simply stick self-made little party hats and eyes on them and draw mouths on them with waterproof pens/permanent markers. Of course, pig motifs are also suitable for this craft idea. At midnight, the air cushions can ring in the New Year with a loud bang!

upcycled rockets

Not only do we let the rockets rise outside, but we also take off inside! Use empty toilet paper rolls or kitchen rolls and cover them with construction paper. Then you decorate the rockets with eyes, mouth etc. made of construction paper or adhesive foil. You form the hat from a circle, from which you cut out a quarter and push the remaining area together to form a cone and glue it in place. Now the rockets get a nice tail made of upcycled gift ribbons from the Christmas packaging. Glue this into the rocket and your New Year’s Eve decoration is ready.

lucky clover

The jam jars with the well-known lettering are ideal for upcycling projects: A flower pot full of luck (shamrocks) not only makes a beautiful table decoration, but is also a pretty little gift for the New Year’s Eve party.

You have now taken care of the decoration, all that is missing is delicious food for the party: Here you will find the best raclette ingredients and other delicious New Year’s Eve recipes. Funny New Year’s Eve games for adults are here. Slide in well!


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