Update Valheim: a precise release date for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S versions

Launched two years ago in Early Access on pc, Valheim quickly met with dazzling success, racking up over a million sales in one week. A figure that soared to 10 million last April, then the survival game with Vikings fromIron Gate And Coffee Stain Publishing arrived in the PC Game Pass in September 2022.

Valheim is therefore reserved for computer players for the moment, but a port to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S was announced last summer. Since then, information has been scarce, but during its last financial statement, Embrace Groupparent company of Coffee Stain Publishingannounced that Valheim will be released in March 2023 on Xbox of Microsoft.

The wait is therefore almost over, and as a reminder, Valheim will be added to Xbox Game Pass when released on these consoles. You can subscribe to XGP Ultimate For €12.99 per month through Amazon.

Update : Iron Gate already takes the floor to announce that Valheim release date set for March 14, 2023 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It will be available through the program Game Preview, so in early access. You can discover a new trailer above.

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