UploadVR Showcase: expect a flood of VR announcements tonight!

A must-see on the scene VRthe showcases proposed by our colleagues fromUploadVR are an opportunity to see the latest announcements about the next titles to come.

Beautiful people are on the horizon according to the media and this session could be one of the busiest to date. The event covers a large part of virtual reality platforms. So we will undoubtedly know a little more about the announcements teased on the PSVR 2 during the State of Play of sonybut also on the PC universe VRthe Meta Quest and especially the Pico Neo 3 Linkthe latest stand-alone consumer headset to enter the fray.

The session can be discovered live on the channel Youtube ofVR uploadstarting at 5:00 p.m., via the video stream above.

And you, what do you expect from this showcase?

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