Urban Jungle: Easy-care plants, tips and inspiration

Urban jungle
It’s so easy to bring a jungle feeling into your home

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Would you like to transform your apartment into a trendy urban jungle? With these plants and furnishing tips you can quickly and easily conjure up a tropical flair in your home.

Jungle prints, natural materials such as wood, rattan or raffia and, above all, many exotic plants: The Urban jungle trend is finding its way into houses and apartments and houseplants such as palm trees, cacti and succulents are experiencing a revival. No wonder, because the interior trend is catching up Peace and nature into your own four walls.

Numerous bloggers and “Plantfluencers” are living out the urban jungle trend and presenting their living oases to a growing fan base. Instagrammers Igor Josifovic-Kemper and Judith de Graaff are considered pioneers of the trend. your account urbanjungleblog followed by more than a million plant fans from all over the world. So that you can bring the living trend into your home, GALA has put together beautiful house plants and helpful furnishing tips.

Houseplants for the urban jungle

To grow your personal Urban Jungle, you should come up with some easy-care plants start and slowly expand your collection. Whether palm trees, cacti or climbing plants: it’s best to combine different green plants and make sure that the lighting conditions are right for the individual plants. You can find an overview of popular and uncomplicated houseplants below.

Trend plant: Monstera

The Monstera has become the trend plant in recent years. No wonder, because with its shiny dark green leaves it conjures up a jungle feeling in every apartment. The climbing plant from the forests of Central and South America can reach a height of up to three meters. It needs a lot of care Monstera not, a bright and warm location as well as regular small amounts of water are sufficient for her.

The classic: Kentia palm

The Kentia palm is the classic indoor palm. With its large palm fronds, the Australian plant beauty brings a beach and holiday feeling into the living room. The magnificent green plant is content with little care. A warm, semi-sunny location and moderately moist soil are sufficient Kentia palm. The houseplant grows very slowly, but can reach two to three meters in height.

Nice as a collection: succulents & cacti

Succulents and cacti (which, strictly speaking, are also succulents) look particularly good as a small ensemble. Combine different types of water-storing plants to create a varied collection. How about, for example, a white-spotted tiger aloe, a rose-shaped houseleek and an elongated bow hemp? The small exotics like a bright location and only need a little water.

High up: climbing and climbing plants

Don’t just cover the floor and window sills with greenery, but also let climbing and climbing plants grow down from shelves or hanging baskets for the ultimate jungle flair. Those from Asia, for example, are particularly suitable for interiors Ivy plant, the classic indoor ivy or the pea plant with its spherical leaves. You can also use trellises to let climbing plants grow upwards.

Leaf Beauty: Calathea

Dark green leaves with elegant, white markings and a purple underside: The Calathea causes a stir with its unique leaf decoration. It looks particularly good as an eye-catcher on the windowsill or a plant bench. The plant beauty is a little diva and is sensitive to direct sunlight or drafts. It also has a high water requirement.

You can find more here easy-care houseplants.

Furnishing tips for the urban jungle

It’s not just the plants alone that create an exotic flair. The furnishings should also contribute to a harmonious atmosphere. Beautiful plant baskets and matching furniture natural materials also contribute to the tropical flair. If you want more, you can experiment with wall paint, wallpaper or accessories with animal prints. Here you will find inspiration.

Furniture made of wood, raffia and rattan

Furniture made from natural materials fits perfectly with the urban jungle look. Wood, raffia and rattan in particular bring style and comfort to the home. Rattan chairs, woven chests or chests of drawers with raffia look great with the green plants. But details such as coasters or lampshades made of natural materials are also a great eye-catcher.

Pots, baskets and plant ladders

Choose flower pots and plant baskets with a simple look so that they don’t steal the show from your plants. Vessels with a natural look, for example made of stone, clay or baskets made of woven material, are ideal. If you have a collection of succulents or cacti, you can also opt for an unusual collection of decorative, small vessels. With Plant stairsbenches or flower stands are a great way to showcase smaller plants.

Jungle wallpaper or wall paint

Wallpapers with jungle motifs create a total jungle vibe. There are wild ones wallpapers with toucans, monkeys and flowers but also simple motifs with monstera or palm tree prints. Only wallpaper a single wall and keep the rest of the room simple so that it doesn’t look cluttered. If wallpaper is too busy for you, you can choose a dark green wall color to maximize the jungle feel. To do this, combine furniture that is as bright as possible to keep the room friendly and inviting.

Blankets and pillows with jungle prints

You can give your jungle interior the finishing touches with small details. Sofa cushions with leaf or animal prints are a great eye-catcher on the sofa. Curtains, carpets, bed covers or bedspreads with matching patterns also look good with the exotic plants. But: don’t overdo it! With too many patterns, the room can quickly appear kitschy or overwhelming.

Gather inspiration

You can find inspiration for your own urban jungle on Instagram. Accounts like the one already mentioned urbanjungleblog, but also urbanjungleplant or thejungalow, share new pictures of tropical decor every day. If you discover plants that you would like to have in your home, apps like Pl@ntNet or PictureThis will help you identify the species.

You can also search for exotic interior design ideas on Pinterest and save your favorite pictures straight away. If you prefer browsing through books looking for inspiration, we recommend “Urban Jungle – Living in Green” by Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff. The previously mentioned home bloggers have put together a nice selection of photos in their print publication and give great styling ideas and simple care tips.

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