US broadcaster: Israel attacks: explosions near Isfahan – Iran activates air defenses

US broadcaster: Israel attacks
Explosions near Isfahan – Iran activates air defenses

According to state media, air defenses have been activated in several provinces of Iran. There are reports of explosions near the metropolis of Isfahan. There is said to be a military base there, among other things.

Iran has activated its air defenses in several provinces. Anti-aircraft missiles were fired, reports the state news agency Irna. There were earlier reports of explosions over the city of Isfahan, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. State television confirmed that “loud noises” had been heard.

The detonations over Isfahan were registered near the international airport, Fars reported. She did not name a cause of the explosion. Isfahan is home to a large army air base and facilities related to the country’s nuclear program.

Passenger planes in western Iran were diverted. Flights from Dubai-based companies Emirates and FlyDubai were affected. No reason was given for the diversions, but local warnings to pilots suggested that airspace may have been closed. Authorities later ordered a ban on commercial flights.

The US broadcaster ABC News reported, citing a high-ranking US government official, that Israel had launched an attack against Iran. There is no confirmation of this yet.

The situation in the region is extremely tense following the unprecedented Iranian attack on Israel with drones, rockets and cruise missiles last weekend. Tehran described the action as retaliation for a suspected Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy compound in Syria’s capital Damascus in early April. Two Iranian generals, among others, were killed. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a response to the Iranian attack.

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