US pension fund partners with Coinbase for Bitcoin pension

In the USA, future retirees have a new way of integrating Bitcoin and Co. into their retirement provision.

For real crypto nerds, Bitcoin and Co. are already a kind of retirement provision. But not everyone has the audio version of the Bitcoin whitepaper as a ringtone. In other words: Many still hesitate and hesitate when it comes to integrating digital gold or even altcoins into their retirement provision. However, this is also due to the fact that so far there are hardly any companies that enable a Bitcoin pension.

Crypto pension light

At least for US retirees: improvement is now in sight. The pension provider ForUsAll has entered into a cooperation with the US exchange Coinbase in order to offer its customers a pension that is partly fed by crypto currencies.

Specifically, it is about the integration of cryptocurrencies in the US pension plan 401 (k), which is financed by employers. The “Alt 401 (k)” now allows them to invest 5 percent of the funds for their employees’ retirement in Bitcoin and 49 other cryptocurrencies.

Too long had too many [US-]Americans do not have the same access to alternative investments as wealthy and professional investors. Our mission is to help everyone [US-]Americans: Equipping them with the tools necessary to build a better financial future and making these alternatives more readily available is an important step in that direction,

is Jeff Schulte, CEO of ForUsAll, convinced.

With the launch of Alt 401 (k), we are democratizing access to what drives the wealthy – alternative investment opportunities combined with our original core offering of low-cost index funds and personal assistance.

Michael Saylor is unimpressed by Bitcoin pension

Meanwhile, Microstrategy CEO and Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor has also joined the discussion. After that, an allocation of 5 percent in Bitcoin is too low for him to speak of solid retirement provision justify:

If you invest 5 percent of your portfolio in #bitcoin, you have made the decision to invest 95% of your portfolio in assets that are demonetized by Bitcoin,

Saylor comments in a tweet on AllForUs’ push for Bitcoin retirement. Just recently, Saylor announced another significant Bitcoin investment.