USA: Entry bans for EU citizens remain

United States
Entry bans for EU citizens remain

Traveling to the USA remains complicated for the time being

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Donald Trump had announced that he would lift the entry bans for people from Europe – Joe Biden has now overturned that.

As one of the last decisions in office, Donald Trump (74) last lifted the entry restrictions for the USA from Europe. The new US President Joe Biden (78) has now reversed this. This means that the entry bans for travelers from a large part of the EU and Great Britain will be maintained. Trump's order would have come into effect on January 26th.

Biden's team had already announced that they would maintain the entry ban. On medical advice, there are no plans to lift the entry bans, Biden's spokeswoman Jen Psaki already tweeted. "As the pandemic worsens and highly contagious variants spread around the world, it is not the time to lift restrictions on international travel," wrote Psaki.