USA on the Moon – First commercial moon landing successful – News

  • For the first time since the “Apollo” missions 50 years ago, a US space shuttle has landed on the moon, according to the US space agency NASA.
  • This is the first commercial moon landing ever.
  • The unmanned lander “Nova-C” from the US company Intuitive Machines touched down on Earth’s satellite on Friday night.

A week ago, “Nova-C,” nicknamed “Odysseus,” was launched from the Cape Canaveral cosmodrome in the US state of Florida – with the “Falcon 9” rocket from Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX. Since then, the US space company Intuitive Machines has provided regular information about the condition of “Odysseus”, including pictures.

The crewless spacecraft has now landed on the south pole of the Earth’s satellite. Only after about 15 minutes of waiting was it certain that the landing had been successful, as Katrin Brand from ARD reported from the USA. The signals were initially weak. It is also unclear what condition “Odysseus” is in. There is still a lack of data for this.

This is what lies behind – or in – “Ulysses”

“Odysseus” is about the size of an old British telephone booth, weighs around 700 kilograms and can hold up to 130 kilograms of cargo. NASA has already occupied most of it with research equipment, among other things. Commercial companies have secured the rest for their projects – for example, the US artist Jeff Koons sent 125 miniature sculptures made of stainless steel to the moon.

The mission is part of a NASA program with which NASA wants to collect as much knowledge as possible on its own way back to the moon comparatively cheaply and efficiently. NASA achieves this by awarding contracts for moon landings to private companies and collaborating with them.

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