USA probably not involved: Reports of Israeli attack on Iran – Tehran denied

USA probably not involved
Reports of Israeli attack on Iran – Tehran denies

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Several US broadcasters are reporting on an Israeli attack on Iran. There, however, they don’t want to know anything about rocket attacks and only talk about small flying objects. The USA is said to have not been involved in the operation.

According to consistent US media reports, Israel has attacked Iran. The channels CNN, ABC News, MSNBC and Fox News and other media outlets cited US government representatives. Accordingly, Israel carried out a military operation in Iran on Friday night. One or more Israeli missiles attacked a target in Iran. There were initially no reports of damage. Israel and the US Department of Defense have not yet commented.

Iran’s state media rejected reports of missile attacks. The state news agency Irna reported that it was not a widespread attack. “A few hours ago, several small flying objects were spotted and hit in the sky of Isfahan,” a reporter said in a live broadcast on state television. Air traffic has resumed. At the same time, the Iranian government rejected reports that the country’s Security Council had met for an emergency meeting.

Long-time Middle East correspondent Richard Schneider wrote on You have to ‘react’. Where there was nothing, you don’t have to do anything.”

“The Israelis had to retaliate”

Over the weekend, Iran directly attacked Israel for the first time with more than 300 missiles and drones. The background to the Iranian missile and drone attacks was a suspected Israeli-led attack on the Iranian embassy compound in the Syrian capital Damascus, in which two generals of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were killed at the beginning of April. Fox News reported, citing a military source, that it was a “limited attack.” The USA was not involved and the Israelis informed the US government in advance.

CNN reported, citing two sources, that the US government did not give a “green light” for the attack. On Thursday there was a conversation between high-ranking representatives of the US government and the Israeli side in which, according to the White House, Iran was also discussed. CNN also said that nuclear facilities in Iran were not the target of the attacks.

Military experts told CNN that Israel has demonstrated that Iran’s air defenses are no match for Israel’s. CNN military expert Mark MacCarley said: “The Israelis had to retaliate, but that retaliation also carried a message that: Yes, we can do it. Don’t do it again. If you do it again, chaos will ensue. “

Iranian state media tried to convey to citizens that the situation was calm.

Iranian state media tried to convey to citizens that the situation was calm.

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Isfahan is an important location for the arms industry

According to state media, several small flying objects were shot at in the sky over the Iranian province of Isfahan during the night. There had previously been reports of an explosion near the city of the same name, Isfahan, which, according to state media, was triggered by air defenses. The explosion reportedly occurred near a military base.

Important facilities for the Iranian defense industry are also located in Isfahan. The country’s largest nuclear research center is also located in the cultural city. According to the radio, there was no danger to the nuclear facilities there. A general in the province said the reason for the explosion was air defense. “We had no damage or incidents,” the officer said, according to media reports.

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