USA-“Reasonable” to raise rates in March, says Daly (Fed)

January 14 – San Francisco Federal Reserve Chairman Mary Daly told Reuters on Thursday that raising interest rates in March made sense given continuing high inflation and a sagging US labor market. the right path.

Indicating not wanting to “carve in stone” the Fed’s timetable for a rate hike in March, Mary Daly added that this date seemed “rather reasonable” to her when “the unemployment rate is 3.9% and that the inflation rate is above our objective of an average inflation of 2%”.

“Reducing or withdrawing some of the emergency aid that we have given to the economy is the right thing to do,” she said in an interview, adding that this would help prolong the recovery of the economy and, thus, allow more people to return to the labor market.

In recent days, several US central bank officials have said they may decide on a rate hike when they meet on March 15-16. (Report Ann Saphir; French version Jean Terzian)

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