USA: Woman is raped on the train – other passengers do not intervene

A sexual assault on a woman on a train in the east coast metropolis of Philadelphia has caused horror in the United States. According to initial findings, several people on the train did not intervene.

It was “disturbing” because there were definitely people on the train, said Timothy Bernhardt from the responsible police station. “Nobody intervened or done anything to help the woman.” But they are currently still evaluating the recordings from the surveillance camera. He could therefore not yet say exactly what the people had seen exactly. The incident shows “where we stand in society”.

“There were a lot of people who should have intervened”

The crime occurred on Wednesday evening on a train operated by the Septa public transport company. A Septa employee noticed that something was wrong, said Bernhardt. The 35-year-old criminal known to the police was arrested and the woman was taken to a hospital.

Bernhardt described her as an “incredibly strong woman”. The victim and the perpetrator did not know each other. “In my opinion there were a lot of people who should have stepped in, someone should have done something,” he said.

“Act possibly ended earlier if emergency call had been dialed”

The rape was a “cruel crime,” US media quoted a statement from the transport company. “There were other people on the train who witnessed this terrible act, and the act could possibly have been ended earlier if a passenger had dialed the emergency number,” it said.

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