Use Google Maps during a public transport strike: This is how you can see where the streets are at risk of being full


During the public transport strike, the streets are likely to be full on Friday. If you activate this simple Google Maps function, you can avoid traffic jams.

In the next few days, the rail strike is likely to cause the streets to be crowded again. (Source: xload//

  • The strike at Deutsche Bahn has ended, but there will be further restrictions on local transport on Friday, February 2nd.
  • After the train drivers, bus and subway drivers are now on strike. This threatens to increase traffic on the road.
  • Thanks to Google Maps, you can avoid traffic jams by car.

There is still no agreement in the collective bargaining dispute between the train drivers’ union (GDL) and Deutsche Bahn. But both sides are negotiating again and the GDL has ruled out strikes for the time being. However, commuters cannot breathe a sigh of relief because Verdi is now calling for a strike on public transport on February 2nd. This time it is not Deutsche Bahn that is affected, but bus and subway lines. In addition, another strike paralyzes air traffic. Many commuters are therefore likely to switch back to cars tomorrow. If you activate this Google Maps function before starting your journey, you can avoid busy streets.

Because Google Maps can show you the current traffic situation on your route. All it takes is two clicks, both in the app and on the PC. On the PC you have to tap the “Levels” button at the bottom of the screen and then select “Traffic situation”. In the app you also have to tap the button with the two squares and then select “Traffic situation”.

Traffic situation view shows where there is a risk of traffic jams

If the traffic situation view is activated, the traffic situation on the route is signaled to you by colors. “Green” means clear streets. A red-black marking signals stop-and-go, red indicates slow-moving traffic, yellow indicates a high volume of traffic. If you want to improve the information from Google, you can also report traffic jams and obstacles to the app while driving.

Good news for drivers: Google Maps has solved a problem that has massively improved navigation.

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