Use multiple times – These cable ties are reusable

Cable ties are a universal product! Now those times are over when you had to throw away the practical wristbands after use. Reusable cable ties are trendy!

The cable tie is a real everyday hero. However, the practical ribbons are no longer just used to tie together pieces of cable. They are used in the kitchen, in the workshop, even in sports and leisure activities. For example, triathletes or competitive cyclists use cable ties to attach the timing chip to their ankles. Cable ties consist of a flexible plastic strip with a head with an opening at the end. The strip has small “teeth” and the head has a locking element. If you pull the strip through the head, the grooves of the strip interlock with it and the cable tie can normally no longer be opened. Unless you choose the reusable version! These can be opened again with a simple movement after use and can therefore be used several times. Don’t worry: These cable ties also do their job and ensure a reliable hold! Reusable cable ties100 pieces10.99€Click here for the cable ties.For some purposes it makes sense for cable ties to be heat and UV resistant so that they do not become porous when they are used. Here you will find suitable products for every purpose:Heat-resistant cable ties500 pieces10.07€Click here for the cable ties.Cable ties with UV protection100 pieces2.99€Click here for the cable ties. You can find more product recommendations in our comparison portal, current offers and discounts can be found in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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