Uses “right-wing narratives” indiscriminately: Kretschmer’s approach to asylum policy is met with fierce criticism

Uses “right-wing narratives” indiscriminately
Kretschmer’s approach to asylum policy has been met with fierce criticism


Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer calls for a fundamental change in the asylum law. Above all, illegal immigrants and rejected asylum seekers should be deported faster in the future. There is criticism for this from the SPD and the left.

With a push on asylum policy, the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has triggered opposition. SPD parliamentary group leader Dirk Wiese told the “Welt” that the current situation requires prudence instead of panic. “Mr. Kretschmer seems to be under massive pressure because parts of his CDU in Saxony openly want to form a coalition with the AfD.”

Kretschmer had previously warned of a collapse in the “Welt” with a view to the sharp increase in the number of migrants. Stephan Thomae from the FDP told the newspaper that of the around 228,000 asylum decisions in 2022, only 0.8 percent of the cases were granted asylum under Article 16a of the Basic Law.

The vast majority of recognitions were based on the Geneva Refugee Convention. This shows that the amendment to the Basic Law mentioned by Kretschmer would have “practically no effect”. Clara Bünger from the Left Group accused the Saxon Prime Minister in the “Welt” of “indiscriminately throwing right-wing narratives around”. AfD faction leader Tino Chrupalla said: “The basic right to asylum should be up for grabs if it no longer works in the interests of German citizens.”

Kretschmer does not give details

In the interview, Kretschmer accused the federal government of failings in asylum policy. “The number of people is just too large. We can’t integrate them. Schools and kindergartens are overburdened, there are no apartments. We can hardly offer language classes anymore. That’s why the numbers have to be reduced,” said Saxony’s Prime Minister. He also brought an amendment to the Basic Law into play without going into details.

When it comes to asylum, we finally need a solution that will pacify the country. “Tensions are rising, frustrations are rising. It’s not going to end well if we let things continue like this.” The head of government reiterated his call for a commission with representatives from all political and social groups to be set up to deal with this problem.

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