V Rising: already 500,000 players for the survival game with vampires

Is V Rising already the new sensation of computer survival games? Well, it would seem. Stunlock Studios launched in Early Access on May 17 his survival game with vampires, oriented towards the pvp, and the title quickly won over players. The studio quickly unveiled a big number.

V Rising has already sold more than 500,000 copiesthree days after its launch in early access on the platform of Valve. A dazzling success which is reminiscent of that of Valheimplayers also see similarities on the side of the gameplayand it is clear that Stunlock Studios would like his game to meet the same success over the length, Valheim counted at the last news 10 million copies sold.

By the way, Steam Charts indicates that V Rising brought together more than 150,000 players simultaneously this Sunday, May 22, a figure confirmed by the developers. It is clear that the survival game with vampires will be talked about in the coming weeks. You can find PCs gaming on Amazon.

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