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V Rising being a survival game, you will start at the bottom of the ladder, with uninteresting materials. You will have to explore and craft objects, in order to improve your equipment in order to access even more interesting resources. Copper is obviously one of these important elements to find, and this, from the first hours of play. copper ore is the first, after stone bones, to be useful for improving your equipment, especially weapons. We explain this to you where to find copper in V Rising.

Where and how to find copper in V Rising?

Copper is not very difficult to findsince he is in many places during the first hours of play, in the woods of Farbane. It’s simply the first place you’ll find yourself in, after going through the little introduction. the copper takes on the appearance of a deposit, like stone deposits, but in a different color, that of copper quite naturally.

However, you cannot get the copper from the beginning, you will have to improve your weapons a first time (especially the mace), through the workbench, with wooden planks. So you can start your copper harvest once the carpentry is up, and after improving the mass. You will only have to tap on it, as for the stone, to recover the resources.

The copper You will then be able to improve your equipment a little more, especially in terms of weapons. Then, by exploring a little more the world of V Rising, you will harvest other ores, such as iron, even more useful and effective. Do not hesitate to make a nice stock of copper, especially if you play with several people, since it can very quickly run out.

V Rising is, as a reminder, available on Steam.

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