V Rising: Interactive map for resource location

Available since May 2022, V Rising has very quickly become a success. However, its open world is particularly large and dense, especially during the first hours of play, during which your knowledge of the map is limited. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to find a specific resource or location. If you don’t want to think too long, or waste too much time researching, know that you can find several quite useful interactive maps.

Interactive map of V Rising

Whatever your goal, these cards could be of great help to you. To find a specific location, collectible, resource or boss, you can refer to mapgenie’s interactive map, which offers them for a multitude of games. In the case of V Risingas we told you above, you can use it to find out the locations of any resource, or find the location of places, but also in which areas to find certain creatures.

Of course, you can use the bar on the left side of the screen to manage the resources to display, and see things a little more clearly. If your objective is to find the location of a boss, a resource like copper, or iron, chests or even to know where the stone golems spawn, then this interactive map will please you.

Helping you from this page should allow you to save time and therefore progress faster, especially during your first hours on V Rising. It will also help you to get your bearings a little better, and to take control of this vampiric adventure, which has seduced many players.

V Rising is, as a reminder, available on Steam for the sum of € 19.99.

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