V Rising: Precious stones (sapphire, emerald etc.), how to get them?

V Rising being a survival game, you will start at the bottom of the ladder, with uninteresting materials. You will have to explore and craft objects, in order to improve your equipment in order to access even more interesting resources. It is also possible to find useful resources for the rest of your adventure, without you knowing what they are for, or even without knowing how to find such a resource. This may be the case for precious stones.

How to get gemstones (sapphire, emerald, ruby)?

There are not thirty-six ways to get your hands on gems in V Rising. The easiest way is to find special stone deposits, which are surrounded by brighter stones, which stand out from the deposit. We find them all over the world, especially in the woods of Farbane, but also in the eastern part of the map. Each deposit allows you to recover a style of gemstonewhich you will obviously have to keep.

You can then transform these stones into gem powderwhich will be useful for crafting certain objects, especially jewelry, in order to increase the attributes of your characters.

Know that you can also collect gems by fighting Stone Golems, although the latter are formidable enemies. Finally, to conclude on this resource, we advise you to maximize its harvest, so as never to fall short. If you need to find other resources, feel free to check out the interactive V Rising map.

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