V Rising reaches 500,000 copies sold

Available in early access since May 17, 2022, V Rising off to a more than promising start. In just three days of existence, the vampiric survival game has already made over 500,000 sales on Steam. And at the same time takes the lead of the best sellers on the platform, with a bonus of almost 87% positive evaluations.

A success for Stunlock Studios, which had already achieved success a few years ago with its intense arena fighting game, Battlerite. The latter had also reached the top of Steam’s top sales.

An open-world survival game, V Rising puts you in the shoes of a vampire just out of his coffin whose goal is to become the new Dracula. To do this, build your castle and go in search of fresh blood to gain power. All this while taking care not to burn in the sun. Alone or with fellow vampires, all you have to do is expand your empire.

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