Vacation in Germany: where can I go and when?

Where can I go to the hotel and where only to the campsite? Different rules apply everywhere when it comes to vacationing in Germany. We try to shed light on the thicket.

Federalism shows its confusing side not only when testing, loosening or vaccinating – also when vacationing. Each state has its own rules when it comes to reopening hotels, campsites, restaurants and leisure facilities. A uniform solution will come at the earliest at the federal-state conference on June 10th – but that too is more than questionable.

This is currently the case

If the incidence in a rural district or urban district is below 100 for at least five days, opening steps are permitted. Then hotels, holiday apartments, restaurants and leisure facilities will be able to receive guests again. But what is allowed in one federal state is forbidden again in the next. The following applies almost everywhere: In order to be able to use tourist facilities, one must either be fully vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. And as soon as the 7-day incidence rises again above 100, the federal emergency brake applies and everything is shut down again.

However, some politicians see Whitsun as the starting shot to enable vacation in Germany again. Here are the current regulations, but they can change again quickly. So, before booking, it is best to check the websites of the countries again.


Hotels, guesthouses, holiday flats and campsites are allowed to reopen as long as the incidence remains below 100. However, guests without proof of recovery or vaccination must present a negative corona test every three days. Leisure facilities such as high ropes courses or mini golf courses are also allowed to open, the restaurants close at 9 p.m.


May 21stHotels and pensions reopen, including wellness and fitness areas. Restaurants are allowed to open until 10 p.m. However, the guests must be fully vaccinated or have recovered or have a negative corona test. This also applies to tourist facilities such as excursion boats or cable cars.


The hotels will remain closed for tourists: they will not open until the beginning of June at the earliest. After all, the outdoor restaurants, museums and memorials should be allowed to reopen from May 19. City tours and outdoor events are then allowed again: cinema, theater, concerts may be organized in compliance with hygiene concepts. There is no curfew.


Hotels and guesthouses are also closed in Brandenburg. With a stable incidence below 100, overnight stays in holiday homes, campsites and houseboats are permitted from May 21. The outdoor catering can also open, events with up to 100 participants are allowed.


Much is still unclear in Bremen. Tourist overnight stays with hygiene requirements may be allowed from May 21st. The outdoor catering is allowed to open, but the requirements have not yet been clarified either.


So far, there are no opening scenarios for hotels in the Hanseatic city. But the outdoor catering and the shops are allowed to reopen from the weekend of Pentecost. The exit restrictions have been lifted and from May 28th, theater and concerts are again allowed.


TheOpening of hotels, holiday homes and campsites is allowed – up to an occupancy of 60 percent. A test upon arrival and twice a week is compulsory (except for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered). The restaurants are also allowed to reopen under certain conditions.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

From June 7th, residents of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are allowed to go on vacation in their state. Visitors from other federal states are welcome from June 14th. Gastronomy will be allowed to serve guests again from May 23rd if they can present a negative test.

Lower Saxony

Hotels and pensions are initially only allowed to accommodate guests from Lower Saxony, others for two to three weeks, according to the state’s website. The outdoor catering can open again until 11 p.m., outdoor culture is also permitted under certain conditions (for those who have been tested, recovered or vaccinated).

North Rhine-Westphalia

Hotels are allowed to receive holidaymakers again as soon as the incidence is below 100 for at least five days. This is currently the case in several circles. The outdoor catering for those who have been tested, vaccinated and recovered may also open. Appointments are required for museums, galleries and other leisure facilities.


vacation in holiday apartments and in mobile homes with their own sanitary facilities is again permitted – as is a holiday in a hotel with breakfast in the room. Tests for non-vaccinated and non-convalescents are required every 48 hours. Outdoor culture is possible to a limited extent from May 21, shopping is even possible without testing.


Tourist overnight stays in hotels remain prohibited for the time being. The outdoor catering may open under certain conditions.


In SaxonyHotels and guest houses are only allowed to accommodate tourists if the incidence is below 50. Holidays on campsites and in holiday apartments are allowed under 100. Outdoor catering is allowed to open with a test and appointment booking.


Are in hotelsFartherno overnight stays allowed. Campsites, holiday flats and outdoor restaurants are again allowed to receive guests who have tested negative. Outdoor events such as the cinema or theater are permitted outside under strict hygiene conditions.


Vacationers are allowed to go on vacation in the hotel again, but have to be tested every three days. Restaurants may also cater to guests indoors under certain conditions. The same applies here: Everyone: r must be vaccinated, recovered or tested. There is a curfew from 11 p.m.


Hotels are not allowed to accommodate tourists, but campsites and holiday apartments can. The outdoor areas of the gastronomy are accessible to guests with an appointment.

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