Vaccination coordinator: – “Vaccination is safe, earth is not flat”

From November, PCR gargle tests will be introduced in Vorarlberg. A result should be available within 24 hours at the latest. In order to get through the winter safely, two vaccination routes will be opened again from November, in Bregenz and in Nenzing. And the country’s vaccination coordinator appeals to make use of it.

In other federal states it has been done for a long time, from November 2nd it should also start in Vorarlberg: the gurgling in the course of a PCR test. The test kits can be picked up free of charge in pharmacies after a one-time registration on the Internet; twelve pieces are provided per person and month. The tests are also returned to the pharmacy. The kits are then picked up by the evaluating laboratory once a day. The results should be sent via text message within 24 hours. Regional Councilor Martina Rüscher believes that the need for corona tests will continue to exist in the workplace, especially due to the 3G rules. The previous antigen living room tests will no longer be issued by the federal government from the end of October. Then only what is still stored is consumed.

In addition, the country is also changing its vaccination strategy. From November two vaccination lines will open again, one in Bregenz and one in Nenzing – initially only on weekends, then every day from mid-November. Everyone is vaccinated, with or without an appointment. In addition, vaccination continues in the doctor’s offices, as well as in the vaccination booths in shopping centers. In the winter break, however, the vaccination bus goes – this is replaced by several smaller buses, the vaccination teams then go about their work indoors at the respective locations.

“Damn it, get vaccinated!
So it really cannot be said that the country would not try to increase the vaccination quota. However, just over 60 percent of Vorarlbergers are still vaccinated. A fact that Robert Spiegel, Vaccination Coordinator of the Medical Association, pissed off: “Damn it, vaccinate at last, it’s time!” He gave his angry air yesterday. He’s especially worried about the younger generation. Many people between 15 and 35 years are apparently too comfortable to be vaccinated.

The vaccination rate in Vorarlberg is “shameful”, namely shamefully low. Spiegel made it clear: “We need 80 percent. The vaccination is safe and the world is not flat, ”he told skeptics. Regional Councilor Rüscher also appealed to the population to be immunized before winter. Primarily immunized people should definitely boost themselves in good time, i.e. miss the third trick.

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