Vaccination skeptic – AUVA’s enough: Graz emergency doctor dismissed without notice

She describes the corona vaccination as an “experiment”, most recently the use in a vaccination street escalated completely: “After this incident became known, the doctor’s employment relationship was terminated with immediate effect through dismissal,” says AUVA, the operator of the Graz Accident Hospital .

On April 22nd, the incident occurred in the disabled facility Mosaik in Graz Wienerstraße: The emergency doctor working at the UKH was called to the company Impfstraße in two cases because of vaccination reactions. According to several testimonies, the doctor there loudly rumbled, among other things, that one should “stop impeding the dirt” and “stop killing people with it”.

Social media as a mouthpiece
According to AUVA, the doctor had already attracted negative attention in advance: “In February it became known that the doctor shares various conspiracy theories in connection with Covid via her Facebook account and also supports them,” it said on Friday in a statement to the ” Steirerkrone “.

Chamber also checks
This was followed by the immediate discharge by the general director of the hospital operator, and disciplinary proceedings are underway at the Styrian Medical Association.