Vaccine against Covid-19: Michel Cymes contacted by stars to issue privileges? He balances: Current Woman The MAG

Here is a sacred revelation! Wednesday January 13, 2021, Michel Cymes granted an interview to our colleagues from Purepeople. The opportunity for the famous 63-year-old doctor to talk about the topic of the moment: vaccination against Covid-19. An exercise to which he had lent himself in front of the cameras, on January 6, 2021, in the Aulnay-sous-Bois hospital center, in Seine-Saint-Denis. "I was vaccinated, I even had a little tension, a little pain like we sometimes have at the injection site for two, three days and it's completely normal. I have absolutely no side effect. You can have a little fever or aches, I didn't even have that. In the days that followed, I was impeccable ", he remembers. A publicized vaccination, intended to set an example for French people who are often skeptical. Moreover, some of his relatives, public figures well known to the French, were just as suspicious…. before asking him for privileges to be vaccinated before priority people.

Michel Cymes categorically refused: "I say no"

“I had a lot of friends who were skeptical, who didn't want to get the shot, who said, 'Yeah, we're not going to be guinea pigs.' And the same people are saying to me today, 'Don't you have a way to speed up [things, editor's note] so that I can get the vaccine? ’", revealed Nagui's best enemy. "As I am a little in the middle of the TV, I was called by very very famous people, who are not in the more than 75 years old or the more than 50 years old caregivers [considered a priority for the vaccination, editor's note .], who said to me: 'You could not try to have me…' " Michel Cymes did not follow up on these requests, hoping that the vaccination schedule put in place by the government would be respected. "Of course, I say no, but most of all, I couldn't even. It's impossible". Michel Cymes did not wish to reveal the identity of these stars. Michel Cymes, he was given priority to be vaccinated because he exercises "still with fragile audiences ", as he revealed to the AFP, Quoted by Gala. "I don't want to take any chances. And when you are lucky enough to have the trust of people, you have to use it, you have a duty to set an example ", he had specified in order to justify himself.

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