Vaimalama Chaves attacked by a group of young people in Paris


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The former Miss France was savagely assaulted by several teenagers, who threw stones at her. She ranted on Instagram.

Vaimalama Chaves is in shock. The former Miss France was attacked by a group of young people on Saturday, September 25. She had just picked up her bib for the famous Paris 10 km race, which is being held this Sunday morning in Paris. The 26-year-old, who participates in the eleventh season of Dance with the stars, said to have received pebbles from teenagers, who gathered around her and who scared her. She filmed part of the scene with her phone and shared it all on her Instagram account. “Today I was attacked by a gang under the age of 18. So not to blame, but it is not normal. Why should we keep quiet?”, she asked herself in the story.

“I am destitute”, she also wrote just after her assault, not knowing how to react, other than filming her attackers to scare them away. “They threw stones at me ‘for fun’. (…) About fifteen young guys who have no value, whose parents seem overwhelmed”, she said.


“Respect does not exist, neither does tolerance”

Once the emotion subsided, Vaimalama Chaves made the decision to file a complaint. But before that, she also said she was shocked at the way her call to 17 was received. “It’s okay, she only received pebbles”, she would have heard on the phone. “I didn’t just get pebbles. They tried to steal my phone. They had fun throwing me more when I left. They surrounded me when I tried to call 17”, she also explained.

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Still upset by what happened to her, Vaimalama Chaves underlined the feeling of insecurity she feels on a daily basis in Paris. “Polynesia taught me gentleness and kindness, but here, all my achievements have no place, in Paris. There is no respect. Tolerance either”, she said. However, to avoid escalation in her comments, she asked her followers not to confuse: “Do not generalize the mistakes that have been made by some.”

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