Vaimalama Chaves: his companion Nicolas Fleury victim of a violent accident

The day of June 13, 2022 did not go as planned for the companion of Vaimalama Chaves. In Instagram stories, Nicolas Fleury told one of his big misadventures to his community. A great scare!

The dear and tender of Miss France 2019 is a top athlete. He is a fan of Trial mountain biking and since 2014, he has been selected for the French team with which he took part in the World Cup tour with the greatest in the discipline. In 2015, he had the good fortune to win the gold medal at the world championships. Although he is gifted, Nicolas Fleury does not escape accidents. He also had a new one at the beginning of the week.

While he had gone to shoot new images in the middle of nature, the companion of Vaimalama Chaves was the victim of a “violent crash at the end of the day“Bad news he announced by posting a black and white photo on which we can discover broken parts of his bike. “The bike took quite a hit and so did the man. I went from 40km/h to 0 in 1 meter following an impact against a rock who was hiding there. The shoulder is in the same condition as the pedal more or less, nothing broken normallyI’ll let you know tomorrow“, can we read.

Forced rest for Nicolas Fleury

This Tuesday, June 14, Nicolas Fleury gave his news. And they weren’t much better. “The shoulder isn’t much better than last night. Today, forced rest and we resume filming tomorrow. Hoping it gets better! On the program: card game, barbecue and massage galore to put it all back together“, he wrote. He then tried to put it into perspective by telling himself that the images he shot yesterday were “completely crazy”. “We are preparing a nugget for you“, he promised optimistically.

In early May, the charming brown also revealed that he had been the victim of a bicycle accident. A big fall that had led him to the emergency room. “Nice fall, head reception. A beautiful big wound, very deep behind the ear which deserves a little sewing !” he revealed.

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