Valbiotis presents the positive complementary results of the HEART clinical study on TOTUM•070 against hypercholesterolemia – 03/10/2022 at 07:35

• TOTUM•070 obtains excellent results in volunteers who had a blood level of LDL cholesterol greater than 130 mg/dl at randomization, its commercially targeted population and main subpopulation of the HEART study:

– Increased and lasting efficacy on the blood level of LDL cholesterol, with a reduction of 13.7% after three months and 14.3% after 6 months, compared to placebo.

– A very high response rate, reaching 92.5% of responder volunteers from 3 months in this sub-population and up to 100% of responders when the cholesterolemia on inclusion exceeded 160 mg/dl.

• Furthermore, new data have been obtained confirming the multi-target intestinal and hepatic mode of action of TOTUM•070, in preclinical and in humans, which will be presented at the next annual meeting of the American Heart Association.

• TOTUM•070, an active substance of patented plant origin, without phytosterols or red yeast rice, now has a solid file of clinical and scientific evidence within its commercial scope.

• Reinforced by market studies, the Company confirms the objective of marketing by the first half of 2024 at the latest and is intensifying its exchanges with major players in health and nutrition.

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