Valentine's Day: These makeup looks are bound to fall in love

The time has come: Valentine's Day is getting closer. While this day turns into a personal Armageddon for some singles, (most) lovers use the holiday to celebrate their love. Of course, you are only too happy to adjust yourself. Regardless of whether you spend the day relaxing in the fresh air, having a romantic dinner in the evening or simply making yourself comfortable on the sofa at home, contrary to all expectations.

I have three makeup looks for Valentine's Day for you that I would definitely wear in any of these date situations. Oh, but of course you don't need a date on Valentine's Day to wear these looks. After all, you can also have a nice day as a single on Valentine's Day! Use the day for the next party night with the girls, for example, celebrate a lot of self-love or just ignore the day completely and wear these make-up looks whenever you feel like it. They don't just enchant on Valentine's Day!

1. fresh spring feelings

I fell in love with this fresh look by Selena Gomez. Why not symbolize the pink-red glasses with which you walk through world history anyway with the appropriate eyeshadow? In addition, rosy cheeks, a subtle glow and sensual lips in a bright coral nuance – an absolute eye-catcher! When would I wear this look? Honestly: ALWAYS! Because it not only lets spring feelings flare up on Valentine's Day, but also puts me in absolute high spirits every day.

2. You should kiss red lips

A romantic candlelight dinner with your partner or an exuberant party night with the girls? No matter! Classic red lips, a winged liner and dramatic eyelashes – you can't go wrong with the seductive look à la Megan Fox. After all, you should kiss red lips, right? But that can end very quickly with the wrong lipstick – for both of you. So, pay attention to a matte formulation for your lipsticks! If you want to be absolutely sure, just grab the Liquid Lipstick – it lasts all night and is 100% kiss-proof.

3. A hint of rosy freshness

Do you know that, you have absolutely no desire to put on make-up, but a little freshness could not hurt either? Then this light look on Lili Reinhart is your salvation! You can conjure it up in no time and be ready in no time. You simply do without heavy foundation and use your moisturizing day care – it ensures freshness. The main role in this no-makeup look is played by rosy blush, which makes your cheeks and eyes glow. Mascara? Yes please, but only minimally. A nourishing balm provides soft lips, which also gives brittle lips a little shine. Perfect if you don't want to show up on the couch without a make-up for the Netflix & Chill evening. Which, by the way, would be completely legitimate, you do you!