Valérie Pécresse: “Yes, Molière will enter the Pantheon! »

ATWith Francis Huster and Anne Hidalgo, I supported Molière’s entry into the Panthéon. In a singular way, the Élysée replied: “The Pantheon is a secular temple, child of the republican homeland, itself engendered by the Enlightenment. It is for this reason that all the figures honored there postdate the Enlightenment and the Revolution. »

The Panthéon has a history as turbulent as that of our whole France and which this communication from the Élysée seems to have poorly mastered. The Sainte-Geneviève church, of which Louis XV had laid the first stone, was certainly secularized in 1791, but the Pantheon was used for worship for a large part of the 19th century.and century… and three Italian cardinals are still buried there among the six foreigners who sleep there for eternity.

The pantheonized are not all after the Revolution, Rousseau and Voltaire, both died in 1778, are in the Pantheon. In 1793, the decision was taken to transfer Descartes, a great man of the XVIIand century like Molière, but it was not applied. The Pantheon is therefore not reserved for our illustrious compatriots after 1789.

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France was not born in 1789, nor did progress begin in 1789, nor, fortunately, talent, spirit and freedom.

But the main thing is not there. The Pantheon speaks of the relationship of an era to its History, some entered it that way… only to come out later like Mirabeau or Marat. He is only a symbol. Well, it’s time to open the Pantheon to the women and men who best characterize French genius over the centuries! France was not born in 1789, nor did progress begin in 1789, nor, fortunately, talent, spirit and freedom.

France, which came from the depths of the centuries, slow and patient sedimentation of peoples from all hemispheres and all spiritualities, on a Judeo-Christian base, will survive, no offense to all the decliners, all the sorrows, all the petty, for it is an idea embodied in innumerable talents and in eternal glories. I don’t want a France that is limited, curled up, sectarian in its admiration. I want a proud, brilliant, impertinent France. I want a France that looks like a play by Molière: lively, lively, tonic, deep and funny all at once. A France concerned with intelligence, disrespectful of the powerful when she is talented, free and courageous.

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Let’s stop quarreling, dividing, fragmenting. Let’s break the divisions, the locks, the taboos and let’s celebrate only the talent and the spirit. Our France is wounded, fractured, compartmentalized as it is corseted, bureaucratized, anesthetized. I want to write a repaired, reunited, liberated France. The Motherland is a woman, she protects, understands, shares. I will be the president of this country and Molière will enter the Pantheon so that its shimmering light symbolizes this France reconciled with its genius.

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