Valheim unveils the Mistlands, its new biome

Over a year after the release of the first major update, it’s time for players to experience a second. This one, very important, adds a multitude of things specific to the Mistlands, its new biome, but also in connection with the general world of Valheim.

The Mistlands finally revealed

The players of Valheim have been hearing about the Mistlands for many months, but Iron Gate had only lingered to tease some new features. The studio being independent, the work is longer, but the wait is surely worth it when we see the mistlands trailer, promising a host of additions. Please note that this video contains some spoilers. If you want to find out for yourself, we advise you to stop reading here, and resume it below (after the video), for more information on the availability of the update.

As you can see, the Mistlands region is widely highlighted and it looks like we will be able to visit ancient buildings, like temples. Certain creatures also make a passage, but it is difficult to know more about this, as with the new crafts, which we will discover. One thing is sure, this new biome looks very nice.

See what’s new in the Mistlands Update

If you don’t mind the spoiler, know that the developers have already shared the content of this update, through a patch notes, since it is possible to test it through the public branch.

If so, here’s what we should expect:

  • New game mechanics
  • Nine mobs and a boss
  • More than 20 crafts
  • Two new crafting stations and three expansions
  • 15 food items
  • 3 potions
  • Over 25 new weapons, armor and tools
  • Over 35 new building pieces
  • New type of dungeons
  • New lore stones
  • Fishing Update

No information has been announced regarding the release date of the Mistlands update on Valheim., but if all goes well, we should enjoy it before the end of the year, officially. Obviously, given the additions, it is better to start a new world, rather than continuing yours, if you have made good progress, to take full advantage of all the new features. You can also delve into the Mistlands first, through the public branch of Valheim.

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