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After months of waiting, and a few days of testing, the Mistlands update is finally available on Valheim. This adds, as its name suggests, a new biome, the Mistlands, and many related things, such as resources, creatures and of course a boss, which you will have to face to slightly advance the little storyline. of Valheimbut also unlock a new power.

Before detailing the patch notes, note that we will not reveal everything, to avoid spoilers, so that everyone discovers the major additions at their own pace while keeping the surprise. the Valheim Update 0.212.7 patch notes for December 6 is available, in French, below.



  • Wisplight, to move the mist.
  • Magic, by eating certain foods, to develop new skills.
  • It is now possible to cultivate mushrooms, to always have them nearby.
  • Addition of hens, and their eggs.
  • New NPCs.


  • Added a boss.
  • Added five enemy mobs and two passive mobs.


  • More than 20 craftable objects.
  • New stations to craft these items, and more.
  • 15 new foods and consumables.
  • 25 new weapons and armor.
  • 35 building pieces.
  • New types of dungeons.
  • New History Stones.
  • New dreams.
  • New music.
  • New random events.

Improved fishing

  • It will be possible to catch new types of fish.
  • Fishing is a skill that improves the use of stamina and pulling speed.
  • Fish can now be picked up and mounted on item racks, or can be processed into raw fish.
  • The size of the fish varies, giving more or less units.
  • Fish now follow wave movements.
  • Fish can jump out of the water and swing on land.
  • Fish now spawn in icy caves.


  • Several animations have been updated and improved.
  • Several visual effects have been updated and improved.
  • Stamina level is now saved when logging out.
  • Removed the stamina usage multiplier when running uphill.
  • Overhaul of construction management.
  • Icons on the map can no longer be deleted or crossed while hidden.
  • Durability should now always be displayed correctly.
  • Performance improvement.

As always when a major update is released on Valheimpatches should be deployed in the coming weeks, if ever problems are identified by the players.

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