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The first major post-launch biome update for Valheim is here. Iron Gate published it on February 7 and allows you to correct many errors, improve certain points while adding certain things. For example, two new items are available, the ballista can now focus on a single target, while mobs inside Mistlands dungeons can respawn.

You can find all the details of Valheim update 0.213.4 below.

Valheim Update 0.213.4

New content

  • New Build: Hexagonal Gate
  • New Item: Fisherman’s Hat (needs super secret recipe)

Balances and improvements

  • Players can now use a trophy on the ballista to limit which enemies to target.
  • Improved Gjall’s spit attacks (they fire 2 projectiles again, but the burst interval is increased. They should now be more visible and a little easier to avoid. More fire damage, less bludgeon damage) .
  • Some Mistlands mobs will spawn in other biomes.
  • The Mistlands boss now tries to flee if it cannot reach the player.
  • Mobs inside Mistlands dungeons can respawn.
  • Wolves can now eat chickens.
  • Mist torches are no longer a primary target for enemies.
  • Changed the size of the portal to the Mistlands boss room (the entrance “box” was a little too big. Players should no longer be able to mine the top of the entrance and be able to press ” E” to enter through the wall/stones).
  • Eitr regeneration is no longer affected by swimming or when encumbered.
  • Ymir’s Flesh can now be purchased from Haldor after the Elder dies, instead of after Bonemass.
  • Improved the health and resistance of some Dvergr parts.
  • Ballista ammo capacity increased from 20 to 40.

Additionally, a host of issues have been fixed.

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