Valid from May 1st: App for the Deutschlandticket almost ready to go

Valid from May 1st
App for the Deutschlandticket almost ready to go

An app for the 49-euro ticket is on the home stretch. From April 3rd, the subscription ticket, which is valid throughout Germany, can be purchased digitally. However, special rules for families, social welfare recipients or students have not yet been agreed.

The smartphone app developed for the 49-euro ticket is launched. The developer Mobility Inside announced in the afternoon in Frankfurt that work on the app called “Your Germany ticket” is currently being finalized. The application should therefore start on April 3rd at the same time as the pre-sale of the tickets.

The ticket that is valid for local transport throughout Germany can then be bought in the app. According to previous planning – the corresponding legislation has not yet been formally completed – it can be used from May 1st. The ticket is only available as a subscription, but can be canceled on a monthly basis. The app developer promises that completing and canceling the subscription in the app will be possible in a few steps.

According to Mobility Inside, the Deutschlandticket app also offers a link to offers such as e-scooter and bike sharing. Renting a rental bike or an electric scooter will then be possible directly in the app, including route planning and map view. Other tickets, for example for taking bicycles, for local ticket offers or for DB long-distance transport, will soon be available directly in the app. Initially, the offer is limited to timetable and price information. For the purchase of an ICE ticket, for example, the app forwards you to Deutsche Bahn.

Other special tariffs are still being discussed

The Deutschlandticket is to be distributed mainly digitally, in addition to the new app, for example in the navigator application of Deutsche Bahn. In addition, it is to be offered as a chip card and sold in DB sales outlets and some transport associations. Many transport companies and associations are already pointing out that subscription contracts with terms longer than May 1st can then be switched to the 49-euro ticket. This is partly to happen automatically, partly passengers have to take action themselves.

Rules for taking along, for example for family members, in the evenings or at weekends have not yet been provided. This does not apply to children up to the age of six, who can usually be taken along free of charge. However, regional exceptions are possible. The Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg, for example, allows you to take a dog with you in its fare zone.

A link to the discounted job tickets is also planned for the future. In addition, there are regional discussions about offering discounts for pupils, students and social security recipients in addition to or as an alternative to the 49-euro ticket. Additional monthly bicycle passes are also being considered. There are also demands for special rules for families. According to the previous plans, every family member over the age of six would have to purchase their own ticket – unlike many existing ticket offers.

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