Valkyrie Elysium: Exciting Trailer, Release Dates and Valkyrie Profile Port: Lenneth

The license catalog of Square-Enix is most prolific, the publisher being a regular at Nintendo Direct and PlayStation State of Play where he brings us new projects with a vengeance. And precisely, earlier this year, it was through this last format that he revealed Valkyrie Elysiuma new episode of the license Valkyrie Profile who will eventually be a spin offas had declared afterwards Masaki Norimoto, thus placing him alongside Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin. Moreover, it is not developed by tri-Acewho is busy on Star Ocean: The Divine Forcebut by Sunto whom we owe for example Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker. If you were waiting to find out more about him, good news, a trailer is approaching.

Trailer in English

Square-Enix will therefore broadcast tonight at 2:00 a new trailer for Valkyrie Elysium, which will be visible above. If its content remains unknown for the moment, we should a priori be fixed regarding its release date. We don’t play Madam Irma here, because this information is already known, thanks to the leak coming directly from the Playstation Store ! As reported by Wario64, screenshot in support (the sheet has obviously been updated since), Valkyrie Elysium should therefore be released on September 29 on PS5, PS4 and probably also on PC.

Yes, it’s only a week later The DioField Chronicle, which was dated this weekend. The publisher will therefore be very aggressive at the end of the year, Star Ocean: The Divine Force coming out the following month, as well as Forspoken if he does not suffer another postponement.

You can also pre-order it. on Amazon at a price of €74.99.

Trailer in Japanese

Update : the release date has been confirmed for September 29 on PS5 and PS4, but PC players will have to wait until November 11. You will notice a certain graphic evolution compared to the first trailer and, above all, a gameplay which seems very dynamic as desired. The game will be sold €69.99 on the Playstation Store in its digital standard edition, with an edition Deluxe digital costing € 84.99 including the equipment of Valkyrie “Svartaljr, the sword of the goddess of the Underworld” and a digital version in English of Valkyrie Profile: Lennetha port of the PSP version which will also be sold separately !

In Japanwhere physical editions are planned, a collector’s item exclusive to the online store of Square-Enix will include the boxed game, a code for Valkyrie Profile: Lennetha art bookthe Japanese script of Valkyrie Elysiuma mini OST and two acrylic illustrations by Valkyrie and the mysterious woman in black armor facing him.

The new title in the Valkyrie franchise is finally here! This action-RPG incorporates the franchise’s signature Einherjar and combo systems to deliver high-speed, three-dimensional combat. The game’s quirky style paints a world that crumbles as Ragnarok approaches, and franchise regular Motoi Sakuraba returns to give the game an unforgettable soundtrack.

A long time ago…
Ragnarok, the apocalypse, brought the world to the brink of destruction.
Odin, supreme god controlling all things, drew on his last strength to create an apostle of salvation to whom he entrusted the fate of the world.

  • High-speed action-RPG

Effortlessly propel yourself across the battlefield and perform actions at full speed with the new Soul Chaining system. Take advantage of the Valkyrie’s vast arsenal of abilities and skills to land devastating combos.

Summon Einherjar, powerful warrior spirits chosen by the Valkyrie, to lend you a helping hand! Summoning Einherjar grants elemental bonuses to the Valkyrie, giving you a tactical advantage.

The arts gauge fills up when you continuously inflict attacks and perform combos. Empty the arts gauge to make the Valkyrie use powerful special techniques called “divine arts”.

  • Improvements and customization

Upgrade your weapons, skills, and Einherjar/God Arts combos to customize your playstyle.

Some additional details regarding the characters and the Einherjar system have also been revealed.


  • Valkyrie (Akari Kitō) – The protagonist. She was given the mission of saving the world by Odin and is responsible for purifying the souls of the terrestrial world.
  • Odin (Kenjiro Tsuda) – The All-Father who directs all. After being injured in a battle against Fenrir, he is unable to move on his own.
  • Fenrir (Ryūsei Nakao) – A beast that harbors intense hatred and a desire for revenge against Odin, and pulls strings behind the scenes to take everything from him.
  • ??? – A mysterious woman who blocks the Valkyrie’s path countless times. She wears black armor, but looks like the Valkyrie…

Valkyrie Elysium 06 06 07 2022Valkyrie Elysium 08 06 07 2022 Valkyrie Elysium 10 06 07 2022

game system

  • Einherjar – Spirits who serve the Valkyrie and play a central role in the story between the Valkyrie and Fenrir. In battle, they fight alongside the Valkyrie and support her, aiding in combos and granting attributes during summons. Master the use of Einherjar to gain a tactical advantage in battle.
    • Eygon (Tetsu Inada) – An Einherjar who fights with a great sword. Before his death, he was a knight for a certain country.
    • Cypher (Akira Ishida) – An Einherjar who wields a bow and two swords. A former slave trader.

Valkyrie Elysium 14 06 07 2022 Valkyrie Elysium 17 06 07 2022

Finally, you can find many new visuals of Valkyrie Elysium and carrying Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth on the following pages.

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