VALORANT announces Agent balances for 2022, and teases a Filipino Agent

VALUING has just concluded its first full year, with ups and downs. Riot returned to it, especially with the Agents, who were less numerous than expected to make their arrival in the FPS. But the studio remains proud of what the new faces, such as Astra or Chamber, have brought, offering new possibilities, while Yoru will be completely revised at the start of the year.

Speaking of 2022, the developers want to find a more regular rhythm of balancing, so that the problems are dealt with more quickly and thus allow a fairer gameplay, without a character too strong, or not enough for that matter. stay too long. As a result, the whole of 2022 “ focus more on balancing agents “, Especially the first half, where” all agents will be updated “. Very good news, since some could very well come out of the closet …

Regarding the next Agent to be integrated into VALUING, the first teasing has just taken place. We don’t have a name, but clues. This is a Filipino character, as indicated by the sentence “ Mga kaibigan ko “, which means “ My friends “. It appears to be an Agent with electrical abilities and being quite fast.

The agent who will take his first steps next year can knock out any of his colleagues, electrify the fans and land in the battle on a beautiful controlled skid.

Finally, we have the right to a small image of his feet.

See you in 2022 on VALUING to discover this new Agent, but also the different balances that will be made to those already available. In the meantime, we remind you that you can find the tier list here.

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