VALORANT: more than 150 structures want to join the VALORANT Champions Tour

According to a Dot Esports recent report, over 150 esports organizations have submitted proposals to Riot Games to participate in VALORANT Champions Tour 2023.

According to their source, just over 200 organizations have expressed interest for the league, but some did not provide additional information to support their claim. With the more than 150 remaining, only a small number of teams will get a partnership with Riot.

No entry fee

As a reminder, at the end of April, Riot Games has unveiled its new partnership system for the competitive VALORANT scene. This system is based on the one already in place since 2018 in North America on League of Legendsexcept that the entrance fee for North American LCS amounted to no less than $10 million. A decision that Riot Games did not wish to take back.

VALORANT’s partner league will not have an entry fee. This choice seems to explain why so many structures were able to submit their application. However, the seats are expensive since there is supposed to be have a maximum of 10 teams scheduled to compete in the partner league of North America, Brazil and Latin America, which will begin early next year. This number however, is not final and may change.

Organizations were also informed that they could apply for a secondary region if necessary, according to multiple sources. The G2 Esports structure applied for both for European league and American leagueagain according to Dot Esport sources.

Some organizations and some players are afraid of not have the chance to participate in the prestigious competition, given the limited number of places available. The teams will be informed if they are accepted into the VALORANT league in September.

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