Valve is giving away a Steam Deck every minute: Here’s how you can take part in the blatant Game Awards sweepstakes


Steam Deck costs a lot of money, but during the Game Awards you can get a device for free. Valve is giving away one Steam Deck every minute so you can enter.

You can win a Steam Deck, the condition is easily met. (Source: Screenshot Valve)

Christmas is approaching and that means: The Game Awards, the “Oscars” of video games, will soon be taking place. At the event, developers pick up awards for the best games of 2022.

Many publishers accompany the event, for example with new announcements or competitions. Valve is planning a pretty impressive promotion. During the show, the company is giving away one Steam Deck per minute in the best version with 512 gigabytes of SSD storage, which normally costs 679 euros.

This is how you participate

To enter the prize draw, all you have to do is pre-register here and live stream the show on Steam while logged into a Steam account: on this Steam website or on Steam TV.

To register, you must be located in Canada, the US, UK, or the EU, and you must have made at least one purchase on Steam between November 14, 2021 and November 14, 2022 to participate. Furthermore, your Steam account must not be subject to any restrictions.

When are the Game Awards held?

The Game Awards will take place on the night of December 8th to 9th, 2022 at 2 a.m. German time. Expect the show to last about two and a half hours.

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