Vampire Survivors will be released in 1.0 on October 20.

In addition to its many additions of weapons, characters and environments that already make it an unfathomable sinkhole in free time, vampire survivors will enjoy a huge update for its official launch.

In addition to a small balancing of objects, we will of course find new achievements to be unlocked with the new content, which will be presented in dribs and drabs from October 7th. The title will finally be translated into several languages, including French.

Finally, the big news is that of the port to a new engine which should be effective at the end of the year. The goal is according to the developers to have exactly the same game but with performance gains (with the use of more than one CPU core) and increased compatibility with more machines. Many bugs and crashes will be fixed, and it will finally be possible to reconfigure the keys or play under Linux. This change will be optional, players satisfied with the current performance can decide to stay on the previous version.

Of course, after its release on October 20, it will continue to be updated regularly, as players have already experienced.

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