Vandals in action – on the way to party: 27-year-old fell over rock face

A party night ended fatally, before it had even started, for a 27-year-old German on Sunday night in the Sill Gorge near Innsbruck: on the way to the celebration, the woman fell about 15 meters over a rock face and sustained serious injuries . In the course of the operation, the railway line that ran there even had to be closed. In addition, strangers stole license plates from emergency vehicles and let the tires out of their air!

Time and again there are sometimes fatal incidents in the Sill Gorge as part of parties. A 27-year-old German was hit on Sunday night. The young woman was on her way to a party at around 2.45 a.m. when she fell over a rock face about ten to 15 meters high.

Railway line closed
The woman suffered serious injuries. After the first aid, she was first brought out of the gorge with a requested ÖBB locomotive and then brought to the Innsbruck clinic with the ambulance. “In the course of the handling of the operation, the railway line had to be closed because numerous people were in the area of ​​the tracks and the rescue work was taking place in the area of ​​the railway line,” said the police.

Due to the large number of party guests present, several police patrols as well as the mobile surveillance group of the city of Innsbruck were on duty to ensure a regulated outflow of people and to prevent further falls in the area of ​​the accident site.

License plate stolen, tires blown
Incredible: In the course of the operation, previously unknown perpetrators stole two license plates from the patrol vehicles parked next to Brennerstrasse. In addition, a police car was deflated. A MÜG vehicle and a radio patrol vehicle were also smeared with paint.

Useful information on the thefts and property damage to the police on the telephone number: 059 133/7584.