Vanessa Demouy denounces the inappropriate and sexist behavior of certain directors in her debut


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Actress Vanessa Demouy denounced the abusive behavior of certain directors and casting directors met at the start of their career in a live Instagram initiated by Adeline Blondieau.

In a live Instagram initiated by Adeline Blondieau on Monday July 18, Vanessa Demouy denounced the inappropriate and sexist behavior of some directors encountered early in his career. ” At the time, we didn’t talk about that. But yes, of course, I met very awkward casting directors”, she began. Star of the Model Class and Caribbean Hearts series in the 1990s, the actress admits to having multiplied lingerie auditions at the request of casting directors and directors. ” Stuff where you are asked to put on your lingerie to apply for a role. It was systematic, does she remember. You came to do anything, you had to put on your lingerie. And me, I was so indoctrinated that I didn’t even ask myself the question. Until you say to yourself:‘I don’t want this’ “. The 49-year-old actress who plays the role of Rose Latour in Here it all startsthe spin-off of tomorrow belongs to us, explained that she was found at the time to be “too healthy”. ” I didn’t have that rock, quirky and dark side that was necessary in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I was too healthy and I had directors who explained to me that I had to that I spoil myself, that I get dirtylet me open certain doors”.

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Abusive directors and inappropriate behavior

Like many actresses, Vanessa Demouy suffered sexist remarks and attitudes from the men who piloted series projects. ” There were guys who said to me: ‘It would be nice if tonight you stayed longer with me and I taught you about life’. In these cases, you leave a little sad because every time I went to an audition, a casting or a meeting with a director, I was full of hope and said to myself: ‘Maybe this time it will be the right one “.

Vanessa Demouy resonated with her interlocutor since Adeline Blondieau, in the casting of the series Under the sun for several years, replied: Me, I remembera well-known director who massaged my thighs By telling me : ‘It’s to help you penetrate the role’”. And Vanessa Demouy to conclude: When you see certain guys who are always there, always on screen, you want to puke. »

These revelations support the #Metoo movement launched on Twitter following the revelations of Rose McGowan (interpreter of Paige Matthews in the series Charmed) who revealed in 2017 that she had been raped by the famous American producer Harvey Weinstein. Since then, many actresses have continued to denounce the inappropriate and sexist behavior of which they have been victims in the industry of series and cinema.

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