Vanguard: Patch Note of January 27, correction of spawns

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Vanguard: Patch Note of January 27, correction of spawns



As expected, Sledgehammer Games is gradually rolling out updates ahead of the launch of Call of Duty Vanguard Season 2 which kicks off on February 14. On the program of this new update, we will mainly retain the correction of spawns.

A few days ago, the developers of Call of Duty announced that they wanted to postpone the launch of season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and of call of duty vanguard in order to be able to correct all the known problems on the two titles but also on Modern Warfare.

As a result, the Battle Royale has already benefited from several small updates solving some serious problems such as crashes, and the title of Sledgehammer Games is not left out either since it is now the 4th update which he has been enjoying since January.

On the program of this update of January 27, the resolution of completely broken spawns on the Paradise map, but also some adjustments regarding Fortified and Cold Blooded perks.

Vanguard January 27 Update Patch Note


○ Spawns

  • Paradise:
    – Spawns on Paradise have been adjusted to address community feedback, after players reported spawning next to enemies.
    – Fixed a spawn causing the player to fall through the map.
    – Added invisible collision to prevent the spawn trap from one spawn point to another.

○ Assets

  • Fortified:
    – Fortified now adds protection against the following: Mortar Barrage, War Machine, Flamenaut Explosions, Ammo Box Explosions, Gammon Bombs, Satchel Charges.
    – Fortified no longer protects against the following: Goliath, Gliding Bomb, Bombing Run, Fire Bombing Run, Launcher Direct Hits.
  • Cold One: Cold One now protects against hounds.
  • Weapons and Accessories:
    – The “Summon” reticle from the Graveyard Shift pack is now visible in the Armorer.
    – Fixed a bug due to which Subsonic unintentionally disabled Ghost.
    – Fixed a bug that caused weapon icons to show on interactable objects such as doors.
  • UI/VFX: Fixed a bug that made the player appear to be on fire, even though no damage was dealt.
  • Private Match: Fixed an issue in Control where the match would end prematurely when a player disconnected.


○ Artifacts

  • Fixed an issue where Tier II Ring of Fire was dealing inconsistent damage.
  • Damage from an Enhanced Ring of Fire no longer deals damage to zombies above or below the placed ring.
  • Ring of Fire damage now scales correctly by level.
  • Fixed an issue where kills with artifacts would charge the artifact for additional use.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has a large range of weapons since the implementation of Vanguard. To find your way around but also to choose the accessories to put on the G-43, we are going to advise you on the best equipment as well as the assets to be favoured.

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